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SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 will come out of extended support on the 9th of July next year. This isn’t brand new news, it actually came out of mainstream support nearly 4 years ago now in July 2014 so by now, if not completed already, you should be well underway with upgrade or migration planning to a newer version of SQL Server.

When a SQL Server product comes out of mainstream support it will no longer receive enhancements or fixes through the usual update channels, however during it’s extended support period it will still some techhnical support and receive security updates such as the recent patch released in January this year to fix the speculative execution side-channel vulnerabilities¬†otherwise known as Spectre and Meltdown.

Note: Non-security updates can still be received if you have an Extended Hotfix Support agreement, but you’ll have to speak to Microsoft about that.

After July next year if you’re using SQL Server 2008 it is “completely” unsupported, that means no security patches which could leave servers extremely vulnerable and whilst over a year seems plenty, migrating or upgrading production servers is often not that straightforward with lots of dependent parts.

This makes planning essential and if you haven’t started already, here’s a little reminder to start doing it now and if you’d like our assistance then use our contact page to send us an enquiry and we’ll arrange a follow up conversation.

SQL Server 2008 – End of Life
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