Data Relay 2019 is now only a matter of days away, kicking off it’s 5 day conference tour of the UK in Newcastle on the 7th October.

I’ll be speaking at that event and the one in Leeds the day after presenting my session Guillotines, Sat-Nav and the Query Optimiser. The session is aimed for anybody who queries SQL Server and is useful for developers and DBA’s alike and anyone who wants to know a bit more about the inner workings of query optimisation.

Although it’s a short session running for 50 minutes we cover a lot about SQL Servers Query Optimiser. We’ll go into the fundamentals of optimisation; phases, stages and transformation rules and explore some of the magic tricks that SQL Server uses to create our query plans.

We’ll also look at how we can return useful information about the optimiser at both an instance and query level using DMV’s and trace flags before taking a look at how we can override the optimisers decision making process.

There’s a fantastic range of sessions available across the 5 days covering all topics across the Data Platform so there really is something for everyone, and the events are completely free too!

You can register for any of the Data Relay days here.

As well as talking a lot about SQL Server we also offer training courses in Database Administration, Development and Performance Optimisation. If you’d like to know more about our courses then please use our contact form to make an enquiry and we’ll be in touch!

Data Relay 2019; Guillotines, Sat-Nav and the Query Optimiser.

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