We’ve introduced a new training options that gives participants the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully build, manage and optimise their data platforms.

Current Course List

Modernised SQL Server Administration (2 days)

This course is designed for aspiring DBA’s to learn how to manage SQL Servers in a rapidly evolving technical landscape. We’ll start with the fundamentals of database administration; from the initial install to implementing HA/DR and critical maintenance strategies. We’ll then explore the capabilities of more recent releases of SQL Server, learn how to leverage new functionality and and introduce tools that further enhance and automate our administration processes.

SQL Server Performance Optimisation (1 day)

This course introduces our top-down approach for diagnosing and optimising SQL Server performance levels.

We’ll introduce the essentials of SQL Server architecture, resource management and correct instance level configuration before moving on to performance management techniques where we’ll teach a number of methods to audit and report on various performance objects within SQL Server. We’ll then put all the pieces together to devise effective and ongoing optimisation strategies.

Querying SQL Server (1 day)

This course is designed for anyone who’d like to learn how to write better queries inside SQL Server. We’ll cover the essentials of query performance starting with teaching participants how to correctly interpret query plans and diagnose areas of optimisation. We’ll also teach effective monitoring techniques for the query layer using both scripted management objects and the Query Store where you’ll learn how to diagnose and resolve poorly performing queries.

For more information on any of our training options and availability dates then please use our contact page. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for then tell us, we offer fully customised training options to meet your exact requirements.

Community Sessions

In 2019 we’ll be presenting at a number of User Groups in the UK. For our current list of session dates you can check this page.